2008 Alfa Romeo Spider

2008 Alfa Romeo Spider
The 2008 Alfa Romeo Spider is Italian elegance, which can be seen on roads all over the world. Alfa romeo Spider a legend of the world of open sports cars and most especialy a car with a strong Italian character.
2008 Alfa Romeo Spider Exterior
Three engines, none of which is earth-shattering. The range starts with a 2.2-litre petrol four, hits a peak at the 2.4-litre JTDM diesel (yup, along came a diesel Spider) and tops out at the lardy 191kW V6 with four-wheel drive. All drive into the 225km/h area, though the V6 is comfortably quickest to 100km/h at 7.0 seconds dead. The same economy comes from the smaller petrol and the diesel at 9.4L/100km, but you'll be lucky to get 11.5L/100km from the V6.
2008 Alfa Romeo Spider Exterior
Engine Specificatiom:
Engine - V6 litre
Top Speed - 146 mph
Torque - 237 to 4500 rpm
Transmission - 6 Speed Manual
Horse Power RPM - 260 to 6200
Fuel Type - Petrol
2008 Alfa Romeo Spider Interior
Alfa Romeo Spider proudly displays his close ties with the Alfa Brera, while at the same time it points to the great tradition of Alfa Romeo in the open sports car. An elegant solution to the rear resembles the legendary Giulietta Spider fiftieth, an internationally recognized automotive icon. The result was a truly impressive car, with generous dimensions (length 4396 mm and 1830 mm width) and with a clean, concise style.
2008 Alfa Romeo Spider Interior
Alfa Spider makes a strong impression, thanks to its high-tech equipment, high quality finishes and carefully selected materials: expensive plastic, aluminum and leather.

2008 Alfa Romeo Spider Price: $69,990 - $95,990 AUD