2012 BMW X5 M

2012 BMW X5 M Wallpaper
2012 BMW X5 M

The 2012 BMW X5 M - The M mark is a mark of distinction in the automotive field. The 2012 BMW X5 M is both an obvious tribute to the requirements of high performance BMW M GmbH. the different from the past x5, the new x5 thier is a spoiler on top.
2012 BMW X5 M Front Exterior
2012 BMW X5 M Front
Dynamic Performance Control improves the concept of four-wheel drive BMW xDrive ensures a greater lateral acceleration and road handling significantly higher in curve.
It distributes without solution of continuity of the traction force between the rear wheel left and right curves ensuring perfectly under control without loss of power. The Dynamic Performance Control enhances stability and grip in acceleration and cornering even in critical situations such as double lane changes.

Standard Specification:
Engine Type -
Maximum HorsePower - 555 Hp
Maximum Power - 408 Kw
Maximum torque - 680 Nm
Maximum speed - 275 Km/h
Acceleration - 4.7 Seconds
Transmission -
2012 BMW X5 M Back Exterior
2012 BMW X5 M Back
The spoiler adapted from racing to the bottom of the outer air intakes give the front line of true sports car and improve driving at high speed. The gaze lingers on the LED headlamps adaptive dynamic form and then moves on fascias and bumpers in body color revealing the impressive silhouette. The dynamic interplay of lights and shadows catch the eye of the observer re-directing them to the posterior segment of the dynamic form with two terminal dual exhaust. Clean lines, a language of forms and decided some typical M design elements perfectly balanced between powerful personality and stylish.
2012 BMW X5 M Front Interior
2012 BMW X5 M Trim
The hands grip the steering wheel M leather with a perfect shape, the fingers touch the instrument panel is also covered in leather and operating elements arranged in an intuitive way as the paddle M. The eye slides on the cockpit instrumentation with circular double M, on fine wood decorative seats up to M in fine Merino leather with elegant natural grain. Especially pronounced in the shoulder favor a stable in fast corners. The interior of the BMW X5 M express elegance and exclusivity in every detail and with their winning combination of space, comfort and sportiness typical M anticipate the pleasure of the moment engine start.
2012 BMW X5 M Back Interior
2012 BMW X5 M Trim