2009 BMW M3 Convertible

2009 BMW M3 Convertible Wallpaper
2009 BMW M3 Convertible

The 2009 BMW M3 Convertible - is absolutely unshakeable and power of pure elegance convertible.The lightweight chassis makes it perfectly controllable even during high longitudinal and lateral acceleration.
2009 BMW M3 Convertible Front Exterior
2009 BMW M3 Convertible Front
exclusiveness and pure performance all under an open sky. First you feel the airstream. Then the acceleration unleashes a whirlwind of excitement. Just a light touch on the accelerator pedal is enough for the astonishing power of the four litre high revolution engine to propel you towards the mouth of the tunnel: in search of the sun.

Standard Specification:
Maximum HorsePower - 420 HP
Maximum Power - 309 Kw
Maximum torque - 400 Nm
Maximum speed - 250 km/h
Acceleration - 5.3 Seconds
Transmission - 6 speed manual
2009 BMW M3 Convertible Back Exterior
2009 BMW M3 Convertible Back
in the performance of the cars roof. When the hardtop is closed, its fully lined interior effectively insulates the inside of the car against cold and external noise. And if the weather changes, you’re ready to greet the sun in a matter of seconds. The roof, made of a lightweight sandwich construction, is opened by pressing a switch on the centre console or via remote control. The three roof elements are unlocked by an electric motor and move apart, the bootlid opens up, the roof package is lowered and the lid closes again fully automatically and in a mere 22 seconds.
2009 BMW M3 Convertible Front Interior Rear View
2009 BMW M3 Convertible Front
Its interior is perfectly tuned to the demands of particularly ambitious driving. The M seats provide steady support even through speedy slaloms and a pleasant welcome even when the sun is at its fi ercest thanks to innovative SunRefl ective Technology which refl ects sunlight and stops the leather upholstery becoming too warm. The M dashboard instruments are clearly laid out, supplying at a glance all necessary information for total and precise control. But in this convertible, as well as top level driving, you can also enjoy an exclusive open air ambience, surrounded by select, finely worked materials such as exquisite hardwoods and supple leather. This is a sports car with no barrier to the heavens above. And with no limit to the fascination it will inspire.
2009 BMW M3 Convertible Back Rear View Interior
2009 BMW M3 Convertible Back

2009 BMW M3 Convertible Price - € 78,350